What to Wear

Dress in layers: a base layer which is form fitting and wicks the moisture away from your body (such as the MHS JL tech shirts).  Form fitting, synthetic fabrics (CoolMax, Polypro) work best for rowing.  Loose shorts can get caught in the slide of the moving seat; and loose shirts can get caught in the oar handles.  Cotton shirts hold moisture in and can make you colder.

second layer for warmth you can add a polartec/fleece shirt which can be removed as you warm up.  On windy or rainy days you may need a third layer - a Gore-tex jacket will repel both wind and water.  You can order a MHS Crew Boathouse Jacket or a MHS Crew JL Jacket.  Both protect you from wind and rain.  The Boathouse Jacket comes with a roll away hood; the JL jacket has no hood and is fleece lined (recommended for coxswains).

Spandex shorts or thermal tights are best and do not get caught in the slide (we have polypropylene shorts and long pants that match the MHS JL tech shirts)

Hats are important on cold days for warmth. A beanie/ski hat works well.  Baseball-type caps or visors work well to protect your eyes/face from the sun.

If your hands get cold, invest in a pair of pogies.  They are fleece gloves that slide over the oar handle and have an opening for your hand.  Your hands are still in direct contact with the oar.

Socks made from synthetic or wool, not cotton, are necessary for warm feet.  Many rowers use the smartwool socks (available at www.sockcompany.com or www.llbean.com). 

For days when the tide is too low to use the docks, you may have to walk the boats in.  Body Glove makes a neoprene bootie called a flipper slipper which many rowers like. 

Coxswains are especially affected by the cold.  Make sure your clothes are waterproof and warm.  You may want to try hand and foot warmers in your gloves and socks (available at ski shops or www.rei.com).

Dry Clothes to change into.  Even if it is not raining, you never know when your boat may capsize or you may get soaked by a sloppy catch of a fellow rower.  Make sure you have warm, dry clothes (sweatshirt, sweatpants, socks) to change into when you come ashore.

Regattas : Remember to bring a change of clothes (did we mention PUT YOUR NAME ON ALL YOUR CLOTHES), extra socks, sunscreen (we occasionally have a regatta without pouring rain and you can get quite a burn on a cloudy day), and a rain parka.