Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my cell phone to register?
A: Registering using a cell phone is VERY difficult. Please register early using a laptop, tablet or desktop.

Q: Where do I begin?
A: The system is intuitive so hitting the "Begin Public Registration", "Save and Continue" and  "Continue" buttons will get you to the next page and onto the next step. This solves 90% of the user error problems.

Q: Iā€™m having an issue with selecting the season to register for. What do I do?
A: The biggest confusion seems to be with Registration Section 2.2.
- At this point, you should see "Select the Season you are registering Johnny/Jane (03-31-2000) for":
- The dropdown will show "seasons"- for example Spring or Summer 2018
Clicking spring will bring further choices - mostly regattas or seasonal fees. Clicking Summer 2018 will bring summer program choices that can be selected. Once you have chosen the program you'd like to register for, check the box and continue the process.

Q: Does it matter what browser I use?
A: Some browsers work better with certain applications. Try another browser if you experience issues. 

Q: I am still having trouble trying to register and tried everything. How can this be fixed?
A: Please make every effort to register on your own before requesting assistance. The registration site works and the solution can usually be found by following the above tips or simply experimenting/troubleshooting.