Built on passion.


In 2001, our program started with humble beginnings. With three boats and a shipping container, Maura Connolly and Jim Judge introduced the sport of rowing to the Manhasset community. We started with seventeen athletes. After the first year, our program went from 17 to 33, then growing to 60 by the third year.

With much support from the community, we moved from shipping containers to a boathouse, and from two eights and four to a full fleet. Along with our growth, has also come much success. We have built our reputation for being one of the top scholastic programs in the New York State, earning several state and national titles.

While we strive to be a championship team, our focus is to build better character. We are here to create an experience and provide opportunities which allow our athletes to grow as individuals and work together, establishing bonds to reach a common goal. There are many characteristics in the sport rowing which can carry into everyday life. We hope everyone who take part in our program become better individuals in the process. Many of our athletes have gone on to get into the schools of their choice and achieve careers they strive for. Seeing them carry this mentality is where our passion lies.